Saturday, March 18, 2006

Annie Proulx, Sore Loser

I suppose I ought to comment on the recent Guardian piece by Annie Proulx, excoriating the Oscars committee for not giving Brokeback Mountain more Oscars.

Steve Sailer (check out here as well, Diana Moon, Dennis Dale, and Udolpho have all commented on this.

So my two cents?

(1) She's a sore loser.

(2) Her hatred of Crash makes no sense to me. The movie was an interesting one (I reviewed it here, and I liked it for not trying to make any major character simply evil, and presenting a racist as a human being rather than as some sort of incomprehensible monster (Steve Sailer has also said this). Part of her hatred may be for this reason, that the racist is not portrayed as entirely evil, nor the black criminal as entirely a victim (this turned Nate Mezmer in Counterpunch against the film).

(3) Her obvious irritation that Philip Seymour Hoffman got the award for best actor might stem from the fact that he also played a gay character, but one who was a "lisping queer" rather than a Marlboro-man clone who just happens to like buggering men. As Jon Stewart said, "Capote was a ground breaking film that broke taboos, that showed America not all gay people are virile cowboys. Some are actually effete New York intellectuals." Perhaps she couldn't handle it.

That is all.

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