Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Speaking the Unspeakable

Heather MacDonald provides some context for all of the hysteria over suposedly racist policing.

Until we are willing to address directly the fact that African-Americans commit far more criminal acts per capita than European- or Asian-Americans (Latinos almost certainly commit more crime per capita than the European- or Asian-Americans too, although the government dopesn't keep direct statistics of it) we will never really deal with the problem.

The current way of dealing with the issue is to try to avoid saying anything directly about black crime rates, while acting surprised at how many black men are in jail or prison. In other words, tacitly approving of the liberal explanation for the discrepancy (institutional racism) while never trying to correct the supposed flaws causing it.

I think honesty would be a better policy. We can argue about why there are so many more criminals per capita in the black community, but let's at least discuss the fact that there are.

That is all.

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