Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus Encourages Black Dysfunction

I'm not particularly inclined toward Imus in the recent controversy.

While I think that Jackson and Sharpton should shut the Hell up for once and not try to get in on a piece of the action this time, what Imus said was pretty bad.

No, not the "nappy-headed" part. Black people have curlier, kinkier hair than whites or Asians. Get over it.

The "ho" part.

In essence, he called the basketball players whores, or prostitutes.

Granted, a lot of black people refer to women this way, and it permeates a lot of rap and hip-hop music.

On the other hand, popular black culture in the U.S. has become rather a cesspool.

Think I sound racist? Go to Hell. When a large segment of black culture is dedicated to the notion that "pimpin'" should be an aspiration, it is a cesspool.

The idea that women are collectively "hos" or that they should be thought of as such is an idea that should be discouraged. If the black community in the U.S. won't do it itself, then it's time for whites to stand up and yell them that it is not acceptable. And if some people call us racist, we should tell tehm to go to Hell.

The last thing that blacks need from whites is for the whites to encourage and emulate black dysfunctionality.

Because whites usually have the resources to be able to step away from the dysfunction before it engulfs is. Blacks usually don't. So they suffer the consequences of a breakdown in civility and civilization far more than we do.

And that is one area where "white privilege" really is an issue.

That is all.

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