Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pro-Abortion, not Pro-Choice

Isn't it interesting how the people who call themselves "pro-choice" in the end want to restrict everyone else's choices to get their way?

In this post at Pandagon, Amanda Marcotte celebrates a Mexico City abortion law that, among other things, requires all public and private hospitals to perform abortions.

So if you don't want to provide abortions, you can't open a hospital.

How many Catholic church-run hospitals are in Mexico City? If there are any, how long until this mandate causes some of them to shut down?

But of course, that's what "choice" is all about for the Pandagon/Feministe/Alas crowd - not simply about not having others interfere with your decision to have an abortion, forcing everyone else to provide you with one. (Not that all pro-choicers or all feminists feel that way, mind you).

That is all.

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