Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Gordon Prather on World War II and Oil Embargoes

Could we be headed to become another Japan?

Gordon Prather warns us on the topic.

Of course, the neocon answer (for some neocons) is that if the arabs cut off our flow of oil, we should just seize the Saudi oil fields.

But what if that isn't an option? What if the Saudis have mined their oil fields in case of seizure, as Daniel Pipes fears?

In that case, we could really get revenge on the Middle East if it refused to sell us oil, but how would we help ourselves out of the crisis?

Well, I have one solution:
Long-term, I think the best solution is to work on creating a method of converting cellulose to fuel. If we could create organisms that could digest cellulose as well as starch to use in making bio-diesel and the like, we might be able to create our own source of fuel.

Short-term? I think that the best solution is to hope and to avoid doing stupid things in the Middle East. Er - to avoid doing any more stupid things in the Middle East.

That is all.

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