Thursday, June 23, 2005

Barbara Lerner Wants us to Attacks Syria

According to her latest article in National Review.

She also wants us to attack "weapons sites" in Lebanon, apparently under the assumption that, because Syria must still be occupying Lebanon, that the Lebanese would probably welcom such an incursion.

Again, I note the irony that we expect Syria to be able to control its borders while we make no plans to get control of our own.

A quick perusal of coalition casualties also indicates that very few coalition soldiers are killed by suicide bombings, although plenty of Iraqis are, making it far less certain that the "foreign fighters" are causing a great deal of harm to us.

I also seriously doubt that we can do air attacks on Syria without repercussions in Iraq and in other countries. Indeed, it may force us into a ground war with Syria and Iran if Syria decides it has nothing to lose (which, considering that Syria has already appeased our desire that they get out of Lebanon, would not be an unreasonable assumption if we were to bomb them now).

Is the real goal of the neocons to get us into an expanded war in the middle east? Oh, yeah. I'm sure that Lerner already has a Chalabi picked out for Syria and for Iran.

That is all.

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