Thursday, May 12, 2005

The "Bioweapon Option"

Instead of the "nuclear option," I think that the Republicans in the Senate ought to use the "bioweapon option."

The "bioweapon option" refers to forcing any filibuster on judicial nominees to be an actual, stop-all-business, speechifying-for-hours-on-end, talk-till-you-collapse, bringing-porta-potties-into-the-Senate filibusters.

I like this little term I've coined, and I want to see if it will spread like other terms with "pun-parallel" etymology, such as "western blot" and "northern blot" (the original "Southern blot" was named for the person who created the technique)

So spread the word, Glaivester readers; the GOP ought to use the "bioweapon option" to push through the judicial nominees. You want a filibuster? We'll give you a filibuster!

That is all.

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