Monday, May 30, 2005

Tom DeLay not so Pro-Life?

A very interesting post by Clark Stooksbury on the anti-life policies pursued by Tom DeLay during the 90s.

This reminds me of a point made on the LewRockwell blog a few months ago, that it seemed that the Republicans delayed the vote on the Schiavo issue until the time when it would the most politically advantageous, even though this meant that the feeding tube would definitely be yanked, so that at best outcome left (from the pro-feeding tube perspective) would be to have it re-inserted after yanking it rather than leaving it in, and so that even if they had got the feeding tube re-inserted later, she would have been starving for at least a day and likely a few days.

Whatever your position on Schiavo's sentience or personhood, these people claim to believe that she is a human being and that pulling her feeding tube is tantamount to suicide. Therefore to play politics in this way, purely for electoral and PR advantage, either amounts to depraved indifference for human life, or else it means that they didn't really think she was a person anymore and were playing those who did for suckers.

In the same way, one has to wonder how many politicians are playing pro-lifers for suckers. Not that I would support a pro-choice politician whom I thought he was more honest about his position, but I do think that there has to be a push to get more principled conservative politicians into office. And in any case, I am dead-set against "conservative" devotion to someone simply because he is a Republican standard-bearer.

That is all.

That is all.

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