Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why I no longer subscribe to, or give any money to, The American Conservative

Asinine articles like this one from a Cultural Marxist who blames the second amendment for black violence.

That is all.


non de guerre said...

If they are running articles by that clown Bruce Bartlett, then there is nothing American or Conservative about American Conservative.

MarkinLA said...

I got sick of Unz's half truth pie in the sky articles defending mass immigration and only reluctantly re-upped my subscription.

The final straw came after the Sandy Hook incident when they seemed to support another assault weapons ban. That wasn't so bad, but the moderating of the comments was so one sided. Every time some moron repeated that the second amendment applied to militias it seemed to be published. Every time I tried to respond why that wasn't true, it was rarely published. That was the last straw.

Art Deco said...

"Cultural Marxist"? Naah. TAC is a collecting pool of oddballs who cannot get hired and people who got fired. That includes Daniel Larison (failed academic), Bruce Bartlett (cashiered think-tank krill), Andrew Bacevich (cashiered soldier), Rod Dreher (quondam official of the Templeton Foundation, presumably cashiered), Noah Millman (investment banker turned 'screenwriter'), Philip Giraldi (failed academic, quondam CIA employee), Scott McConnell (failed academic, cashiered newspaper editorial writer).

They do not manifest a politics, but psychological dispositions (which rely heavily on a sense of their own superiority which the world does not recognize). This includes scattershot resentments (the Jews in the case of Giraldi and McConnell, accomplished soldiers like Gen. Petraeus in the case of Bacevich, "movement conservatives" in the case of Larison).