Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time for Pushback: Impeach Obama

Through his DHS chief Jeh Johnson, Obama is floating a trial balloon of ending almost all remaining deportations. The only answer is impeachment.

Please call Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, and the House Judiciary Committee and demand that they threaten impeachment if the Obama administration decides to "curb deportations."

Speaker Boehner: 1-202-225-0600
Majority Leader Eric Cantor: 1-202-225-4000
Majority Whip McCarthy: 1-202-225-2915
House Judiciary: 1-202-225-3951

That is all.


SFG said...

I don't like this either, but impeachment is unlikely to pass and going straight for it will just make us look bad.

I'd try to draw attention to this in the Sailersphere and elsewhere. The GOP tried to impeach Clinton over Whitewater and just wound up looking dumb. When enough grassroots rage hit the GOP, they backtracked on amnesty. Let's see if we can hit Obama.

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I like Obama, keep blogging

SFG said...

Looks like he dropped it. Well, one less problem.