Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Passover/Easter!

And by the way, saying "Happy Passover" is not merely a sop to my Jewish readers. The fact of the matter is, from a Christian perspective, the Passion and the Resurrection are deeply tied to Passover, which was given as a type of the sacrifice to come. Understanding Passover helps one to understand the context of Christ's life, and of the events that God brought to bear in order to make His propitiatory sacrifice for our sins.


That is all.

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SFG said...

The lamb standing in for Christ? Yeah, I can see that. He's even called 'the Lamb' in a lot of Christian iconography--is this why?

BTW, why the philosemitism? Don't get me wrong, dude, I appreciate it, but it's not going to help your movement. You've got me, Half Sigma/Lion, and JAY (not famous), and Paul Gottfried and Ron Unz (semi-famous), and that's about it.

Sure, if you could turn the Jews, you'd win. You'd divide up the USA--you get the red states, we get the blue states--and that would be it. But it's not going to happen--they're too scared of a repeat of Germany 1933, and they actually *believe* a lot of this liberal crap.

BTW, what's the maximum amount you can donate without your name becoming public? I'm thinking about cutting a check to that fellow in NC, but I remember what happened to Brendan Eich...and I'm not already rich!