Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tweet to Steve Case, Tell Him "No Amnesty!"

Steve Case recently had an editorial in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), promoting the execrable Senate Amnesty Bill (S. 744) as if it were a mostly good bill, and people who opposed it were just being too demanding. The reason, of course, is that he wants to cheat Americans out of good jobs by giving them to low-wage foreigners. Of course, he didn't quite say it that way; he said it more in the terms of us needing to make certain we can attract and retain "the best talent" from around the world, as if the U.S. were nothing more than a corporation and helping the corporate bottom line were the only important issue.

My suggestion: Go to his Twitter page and Tweet him with explanations of why amnesty is a bad deal. Preferably, reply to his posts or Tweet him along with someone who re-tweeted or favorited his post. If you find anyone else Tweeting against him, re-tweet their Tweet.

If you want examples to base your Tweets on, or want to find good Tweets to re-tweet, here are some of mine:

STEM worker shortage a myth
It's not talent, it's cheapness
Immigrants will take more than they make
Senate Bill terrible, destroying country for cheap workers

That is all.

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