Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jamiel Shaw II

This is a website devoted to Jamiel Shaw II, a young black man who was murdered by a (DREAM Act, DACA-eligible) illegal alien who was released from custody due to sanctuary cities policy.

His story has been promoted by Michelle Malkin and Larry Elder, but it needs more national exposure in order to keep the pressure up against amnesty, whether through a bill in Congress, or by Obama ignoring the law even more.

Please ask the following talk show hosts to try to get Jamiel Shaw Sr. (the father) on their show, or at least to talk about the case.

You can email them using their email address or contact page, you can send them a tweet, or you can re-tweet my previously written tweet:

Rush Limbaugh email twitter retweet

Sean Hannity email twitter retweet

Howie Carr email twitter retweet

Glenn Beck email twitter retweet

That is all.

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