Wednesday, June 13, 2007


According to this article,

The US is considering introducing a limited military draft if it is to keep its present force levels in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pentagon advisers have warned British colleagues.

If this is true, it is scary. The only good news (if the story is true) is that it is unlikely that the Congress would pass any draft legislation until at least Bush is out of office.

Unless, of course, Bush insists that as commander-in-chief, he has absolute power to start a draft - but that would likely mean impeachment, or failing that, draft age kids shutting down the country with protests.

Still, most of the article is not about a potential future draft, so this claim is not exactly well-supported (plus I know nothing about The First Post or its track record).

So I wouldn't bet that there will be a draft in the near future. Although, of course, if we get both a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress, knowing the Democrats they would be fully capable of arguing against the Iraq War and for a draft to support the war (or a different war in, say, Darfur) at the same time. (If we get a GOP Congress and a GOP President - other than Ron Paul, that is - there would be less chance of a draft, but a greater chance of a tactical nuclear strike against Iran, so anything other than a divided government (or Ron Paul) could be risky.

Thanx and a tip o' the hat to Lew Rockwell.

That is all.

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