Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some Things Need to be Ridiculed

Like this.


I am a bigot. I have not yet learned to ignore differences in crime rates between blacks and Latinos on one hand and Asians and whites on the other. For example, when I see a young black man dressed up like a gangmember, I do not always suppress my survival instincts. Not only do I try to correct these assumptions when later data contradicts them, I also correct them even when they are spot-on accurate.

My whiteness has many benefits, including the fact that I cannot be considered property, as people of other races can. Oh, if only someone had outlawed slavery in this country!

Also, because of my white privilege, people take me seriously as an intellectual, even though most of my intellectual output consists of navel-gazing self-flagellation, where I pat myself on the back for how much I cirticized myself for being a privileged white person. I am used to be taken seriously, despite my bet attempts to make an ass of myself.

I am anti-racist because I believe that race is a social construction. It has absolutely nothing to do with biology or with the obvious physical differences between human human populations. Despite the fact that race is nothing but a social construct, and despite the fact I want to abolish it, I still think we should maintian the construct when figuring out how much people who are not constructed to be white ought to take from those who are socially constructed to be white.

I am an evil, evil person from an evil, evil race (albeit a race that does not exist in an objective sense, as it is a social construction). I am proud of myself for admitting this.

As an evil racist person, I need to realize that anyone who is not white is automatically morally superior to me, and that whenever they criticize me, I must grovel at their feet.

I also believe that by labelling everyone a bigot of some sort, particularly myself, and I enjoy writing long pieces bemoaning the universal bigotry of people. I do this because it makes it seem as if I have some special knowledge not shared by the majority of humanity, which it makes me feel morally superior. I also enjoy it because a bunch of other people who like to feel morally superior will pat me on the back in a mutual admiration society.

That is all.

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