Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fake Conservatives Support Giuliani

Deroy Murdock is trying to convince us that Rudolph Giuliani has a good enough pro-life record to be a suitable Republican presidential candidate. Essentially, the argument is that the rate of abortion in New York dropped more than it did nationwide, and Giuliani must be responsible, so pro-lifers shold like him.

That Murdock is a two-faced liar trying to trick the social conservatives into giving up their principles is obvious when ne reads his positions on, say, gay issues.

Steven Malanga, on the other hand, supports Giuliani by esssentially writing social positions out of the conservative movement.

These are impressive conservative credentials. And if social and religious conservatives fret about Giuliani’s more liberal social views, nevertheless, in the general election such views might make this experience-tested conservative even more electable.

Shorter Malanga: The social conservatives can go to Hell.

Same to you, Malanga.

That is all.

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