Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Death Tolls in Iraq

Statistics from Iraq Body Count.

Here are the Coalition Hostile Death Tolls for the war (all coalition countries, and only deaths due directly to enemy attack):

2003: 397 (510 annualized)
2004: 757
2005: 709
2006: 749

So, since 2003, there has been a pretty constant rate of hostile deaths: 738 +/- 26 per year, or a little more than 2 a day.

Now the last three months of 2006 were pretty bloody, but the first three months and July were pretty mild, so things even out.

I would suspect that if we stay in Iraq, the death tolls will be somewhat higher in 2007, but then again, I believe I have been wrong about these things before. (Which reminds me, I'll have to check out my predictions from the beginning of 2006 and see how I did).

That is all.

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