Monday, July 17, 2006

Thoughts on Lebanon

The biggest thought I have about the present Middle East problems is that we have to extricate ourselves quickly from Iraq lest the whole thing blow up with us in it. (Of course, the pro-warriors probably want us right in the thick of it so we can take the lead if and when it explodes).

I also tend to think that the recent attacks from Lebanon should give the lie to the idea that Lebanon is a peaceful wonderful country but for the Syrian occupation. Of course, Joe Farah will probably keep arguing that Syria is really behind all this, and that all real Lebanese are totally in support of Israel and want a return to the good old days when the Maronites ruled, and that the problems in the country did not come from demographic changes but from Syria. In fact, the demographic changes are not even real, but are driven by large numbers of "Lebanese" really being Iranian!

As for Israel's response, morally I don't really have a problem with it. Strategically, is it the best move? I have no idea, and so unless a flash of inspiration strikes I will keep my mouth shut and trust the Israeli strategists to know what they are doing.

That is all.

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