Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yglesias Censored?

Kevin Drum posts this bit from a Matt Yglesias posting on TAPPED:

I tend to doubt, however, that this line of criticism will gain any traction, since making the argument requires you to say that IQ tests (which is all the AFQT really is) are an important measurement and most liberals prefer to shy away from the topic.

Read the post he links to.

Nope, it's not on any January post or December 2005 post either.

Now I don't think that Kevin Drum was lying or that he made a mistake in his link.

Which means that someone altered the post.

Update: The esteemed Greg Cochran comments:

I saw it earlier. it's been changed.

Update #2: Here is a Google Cache of the original post.

That is all.

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