Monday, January 30, 2006

Gender Selection

In this piece by Colby Cosh, about gender-selection around the world (i.e. the practice of determinnig the gender of one's children, generally in the direction of more males) has one very interesting quote:

The Indian case suggests that state intervention is helpless to support a one-to-one sex ratio where abortion is otherwise legal: fetal sex-selection has been formally illegal in India for more than two decades, but the rule has proven unenforceable.

This reminds me of the smackdown I put on Osagie Obasogie a few months back, for the assertion essentially that we ought to ban testing the pre-born for gender lest that plus legal abortion lead people to slect for sex (according to Oh-Oh, we can't restrict abortion, so the only solution is to ban gender-testing).

That is all.

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