Thursday, May 31, 2018

Roseanne: A Victim of "Black-Run America"

Why isn't Samantha Bee fired, but Roseanne is? Black-Run America. In this 2011 article, Paul Kersey explains what Black- Run America is.

That is all.


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Art Deco said...

There is no such thing as 'black run America'. The black population consists largely of wage-earners, has a mildly depressed employment level, tends to have excess participation in certain welfare programs, has collectively somewhat depressed academic performance, and has high crime rates. They aren't in position to run much of anything but some impecunious municipal governments, some impecunious and disorderly local school systems, and some impecunious low-rent colleges (as well as the modest number of businesses in which they have a controlling interest). Blacks are one of a series of tools or markers made use of in the course of self-aggrandizing status competition among elite whites. The relationship between these people and black loudmouths is a faux-adversarial one.

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Col. B. Bunny said...

Art Deco, black sensitivities and fantasies are the political equivalent of C4 explosives implanted in the china shop of what used to be our civilized, rational, white American country. Elite whites encourage and defend faux black hysteria for the purposes you surmise but blacks have a capable cadre of buffoons, liars, "academics," "journalists," and "statesmen" who have their own ideas of what should drive the agenda and woe unto he who questions black hatred and wallowing in "YT done us wrong, yo."

General black dysfunction is the third rail of politics and nothing can be done or unwound if some fool like Maxine or BLM morons dream up some grievance spin on it.

It's the "anarcho" part of anarcho-tyranny that defines us now. The elites can freely impose their progressive nostrums without stirring up the blacks because blacks swoon when they hear the words "progressive" or "socialism" or "social justice." As long as the elites couch what they propose in these terms, yes, they can call the shots.

But they're on a short leash.

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