Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fighting DACA with Donations

Here are a few Congressmen (and Senators) who have come out against illegal immigration whom you ought to give to over the next week if you can afford it. Make certain to write a comment on one of their Facebook posts (a germane one if possible) letting them know why you donated, or contact them on Twitter. Make absolutely certain to ask them to keep speaking out against any DACA fix until we have mandatory E-Verify for businesses and an end to chain migration. You can easily find their campaign, congressional and social media pages, but as I have time I will list them as links for your convenience.

A sample message: "Thank you for your work in XXX [e.g. introducing a piece of legislation, speaking out against DACA]. I just donated $X to your campaign. We need more people to stand up for Americans! Please [make sure to speak out/continue speaking out] against any attempt to tie DACA to the spending bill."

Dave Brat.
Why: He has introduced the LAWS Act (H.R. 4340) that would end chain migration and mandate that businesses use E-Verify.

Campaign website (Donate HERE)
Congressional website
Campaign Facebook
Congressional FaceBook
Campaign Twitter
Congressional Twitter

Marsha Blackburn recently introduced the CLEAR Act that would help local law enforcement work with immigration officials to deport illegal aliens. She is running for Senate in 2018).

Mo Brooks recently introduced legislation to reform the temporary protected status program. (His only campaign website right now is for his Senatorial special election bid; you can give there or just let him know you will give when his re-election campaign site opens up).

Louie Gohmert.

Steve King. (Appears to have two campaign sites: and

Lou Barletta. (He is running for Senate in 2018).

In the Senate there are:

Tom Cotton (co-introduced the RAISE Act)

David Perdue (co-introduced the RAISE Act)

That is all.

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