Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Upside Down World

This latest episode of Non sequitur by Wiley Miller at first glance appears to be reasonable. It's making fun of a ridiculous policy that does not seem to make sense at all.

That is, until you consider that it is in response to the ridiculous idea that a guy with a penis and testicles is a woman if he - oops, "she" - feels like one.

That Wiley Miller sees nothing ridiculous about a "woman" with a penis and testicles speaks volumes about the sickness of our society.

That is all.

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Baloo said...

Wiley has always been a flaming knee-jerk liberal. The kind who thinks he's being 'edgy' as he slavishly follows the trends. He's a crusader for racial justice, too, and lives in the diverse community of Kennebunkport, Maine :)