Sunday, August 11, 2013

Call These Representatives Now

Both of these AINOs (Americans in Name Only) recently expressed support for "Comprehensive immigration reform," Valadao in conjunction with arch-traitor Luis Gutierrez, and Denham in a town hall where he praised the execrable Senate bill. (I don't have the links immediately available and am too worried about getting enraged to look them up right now).

Call them:

David Valadao: (202) 225-4695
Jeff Denham: (202) 225-4540

Tell them: "Hello, my name is [], (if you are in their district, give your address and phone number). I heard that you recently came out in favor of so-called 'comprehensive immigration reform,' which of course, means legalization for those who violated our laws to come or stay here. Moreover, it means increased legal immigration for the foreseeable future, driving American wages down and impoverishing our middle and lower classes. Please reverse this position and oppose legalization. Otherwise, those who care about the American people will make certain that you are primaried in the next election, and removed from power."

That is all.

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