Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Southern Poverty Law Center Good for Something?

Via NumbersUSA, a story about a racial discrimination lawsuit by blacks against illegal-alien hiring businesses in Georgia.

In the second page, Jim Knoepp of the SPLC complains about businesses claiming that Americans won't do work when the real issue is that the businesses won't pay a reasonable wage. His comment "If we need them, why not bring them in and make them legal citizens with real protections?" may be taken as an endorsement of immigration (although it could just be a hypothetical to illustrate a point), but his follow-up statement "The answer is because then they wouldn’t keep working in the fields given the conditions of that work. They would do something else" is also consistent with saying that we don't actually need these immigrants or guest workers. In any case, he understands the destructive influence of the cheap labor lobby on our immigration policy.

Hey - a racial discrimination lawsuit attacking employers who hire illegals - that's a lawsuit I can support! And half a cheer for the SPLC on this one!

That is all.

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