Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Little Pony: Biodiversity is Magic

Does anyone else here notice that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic provides a template for what a multicultural multiracial race-realist society might look like?

There are three kinds of ponies (I assume they are races, but without knowing the herditary basis of pony-type, I cannot say for certain that the characteristics qualify as racial): earth ponies (normal), unicorn ponies (one horn in the middle of their head), and pegasi (winged ponies). Each has their own abilities: earth ponies tend to be more durable and have an easier time working the ground; unicorns can do magic, including telekinesis, with their horns; pegasi can fly, walk on clouds, and manipulate the weather.

What is interesting is that the three types of ponies have undeniable physical differences. You can't call the differences "social constructs" and no one tries to.

And yet, there is no resentment. Not a single time have I seen any of the ponies express jealousy or conflict based on these differences. Once one of the unicorns used magic to get wings, but it was to support her pegasus friend, not out of jealousy (although later she gets vain about her wings).

Interestingly enough, the show seems to posit that acknowledging biological differences between groups does not destroy unity or civilization.

An interesting, if unintentional, message from a kid's show.

Food for thought.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

There's one problem: muslims are not ponies and islam is not about friendship and harmony.
Somebody should make an episode (or a whole season) about Celestia going senile and allowing (in a spirit of political correctness) changelings (those creepy green bugs ~ muslims) to settle in Equestria.

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