Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Tyranny of the "Queer"

The scariest thing about a lot of the "queer" individuals out there (I am using that as a catch-all term for non-heterosexuals, transgenders, and others) is how a lot of them seem to want to force everyone else not just to accept their behavior; but to approach life on their terms; it's not enough that a person who is biologically malebe considered female if he so chooses to identify. No, I must deny that my anatmoy has any impact on my maleness.

It is not enough to accept homosexual couples or to accept a couple that consists of a man and a "trans women" as heterosexual; no, if I do not want to have sex with a "woman" with a penis, that makes me not heterosexual but a bigot.

It has gone beyond demanding that we accept their exceptions to the rules to demanding that we formulate our rules in accordance with theirs.

In proof, I suggest you go to this post and look at all of the comments by myself and "Schala." I would not suggest commenting on the post (at least not unless you are being non-confrontational and polite), as my goal here is not to cause trouble for a blog that is decent on some issues and that has always been respectful (and because it is one of the commenters, not the people who run the blog that I am using as my example). I just want to see an example of how tyrannical sexual liberationism can get.

I will grant that Schala's position is likely not a common one at this time, but I offer it as something to look out for in the future, as it is a logical extension of egalitarian fundamentalism and sexual liberationism.

That is all.

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