Friday, January 22, 2010

More on Haiti

If you would like to give, but wish to give to an organization that is concerned with Haiti's spiritual as well as physical poverty (I think that Pat Robertson is more correct about Haiti's spiritual state than the secular majority wish to give him credit for), Advancing Native Missions is taking contributions:

Advancing Native Missions is combining with other Virginia agencies to rush practical aid to the Haitian people through native Haitian Christian ministries. Please help. We need your gifts by cash, check, or credit card for the costs.

Click here and then on the "GIVE RIGHT HERE" link to give.

We have an opportunity here I think to spread the gospel and to bring a lot of suffering people to Christ.* There is a short window, though, I think, so we should do all we can NOW.

That is all.

*Crass to think of this disaster as an opportunity? No, crass that we didn't care until now.

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