Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ampersand and Leftist Deception

Reading this post on Alas, a Blog gives a little insight as to how leftists operate - getting the camel's nose in the tent, and doin it through deception and deceitful double standards:

Discussing New Hampshire's new Same-Sex "Marriage" law, and the religious exemption, primary Alas-blogger Ampersand says:

Benefits are another form of pay, and giving churches the right to pay some queer employees less is an expression of second-class citizenship for queers. (If a church wanted the right to refuse spousal benefits to Jewish or atheist employees, would people be so quick to find that reasonable?)

Translation: All that business about separation of church and state - I was lying when I said that. Separation only goes one way - the church should not influence the state. The state has every right to impose its morality on the church.

But I’d rather have equal marriage for same-sex couples, and then work on fine-tuning this aspect later, than not have gay marriage at all.

Translation: All that stuff about same-sex marriage law not forcing churches to participate in or recognize marriages that they disapprove of - that's just what we say to pacify them. We'll keep it like that until we win the battle. If we have to let them keep their silly little moral ideas in order to get same-sex "marriage," then fine. We'll let them have it for now. Later we can get to the business of forcibly re-educating them, like Canada is doing.

When the folks at Alas start expressing concerns over Canadian "human rights tribunals," about German persectuion of homeschoolers, or about the announced intentions of the President of Brazil to persecute "homophobes," I will take seriously their claims to give a fig about religious freedom.

However, I suspect that what they will actually do is find little weaselly ways to claim that opposing the rights of the religious in these cases is the true "pro-freedom" position, claim that the laws and policies in question are not really restrictive of religious freedoms at all, suggest that well, rights are for the "oppressed," after all, and these people are really just oppressors, and a hundred other forms of double-think to allow them to support the suppression of their enemies while maintaining a pretense of freedom.

Once they have the power, they won't care a white about "tolerance."

That is all.

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