Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's up with Google?

Update: Fixed.

Update: Google and Youtube are now also listed as harmful. Something has gone wrong, it's not deliberate.

It does not appear that this is effecting news or blog searches, just web searches.

I do a search and I get almost all the results coming back with "this site may harm your computer." I click on the result anyway, and I get sent to a Google page that tells me to d oantoehr search or pick another result, and has no option for "take me to the site anyway." I click on the link to a Google explanation of why it thinks the site is dangerous, and I keep getting error messages.

These aren't strange or sites; these are wikipedia and

The only site that isn't listed as potentially harmful is YouTube. What, is Google trying to prevent people from looking at any non-Google-owned site?

Fine. I'll search through Yahoo!

That is all.

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