Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stephen Bainbridge is a Lying Piece of Fecal Matter

After Stephen Bainbridge wrote this, (referenced by Matt Yglesias), I wrote something along the lines of:

Baindbridge's argument is that blacks were not given subprime loans too easily, because their share of subprime loans (16.2%) is about the same as their share of the population (12.4%). But this assumes that blacks are, on average, equally creditworthy as whites (in other words, it is making the same affirmative actiony assumptions that we are attacking). If a smaller percentage of blacks are good candidates for mortgages, then that 16.2% figure starts looking a lot more disproportionate.

This comment was deleted and comments on that post closed.

Bainbridge is a lying coward who cannot stand criticism of his ideology.

And I'm not the only one that Bainbridge wants to shut up.

That is all.

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