Thursday, October 09, 2008

Donating to Democrats

Note to Eric Dondero: Actually, I'm a little ticked off at Nader myself, due to his general reluctance to engage in debates that do not include the two major party candidates (I remember 2 of the 2000 debates between Hagelin, Phillips and Browne, Nader was nowhere to be seen). He is definitely a bit of a hypocrite on third party issues, particularly debates. Of course, the same holds true for Bob Barr.

If the Naderites behaved as you say, that is truly disgusting. On the other hand, based on some of the discussions at Ballot Access News, I am skeptical of your claims.

Update 2: I have given another $50.00.

Update: I have given $25.00.

I think I will be making a donation to the Bob Conley campaign.

Anything to get prissy little John McCain Jr. defeated in his quest for re-election to the Senate.

I am also considering giving to the Pennsylvania Democrats to spite the GOP for its attempt to get Bob Barr off the ballot, although they have been just as bad with Nader in the past.

That is all.

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