Thursday, July 12, 2007

Commander-in-Chief, NOT Military Dictator

Apparently James Jay Carafano is too stupid to know the difference.

For starters, it would fundamentally alter how America fights wars. The Constitution pegs the president, and only the president, as our nation’s commander-in-chief. Decisions on how we fight our wars — both in terms of grand strategy and in the details concerning troop deployments and rotation schedules — are to be made in the Oval Office, not under the Capitol dome.

Plus, statements like this:

In April, Defense Secretary Gates told reporters that, if he hadn’t been able to extend the standard tour length to 15 months, he would have been forced to send five Army brigades to Iraq before their year at home was up. The 15-month tour length, he said, was a fairer approach, one in which all soldiers share an equal burden.

reveal the truth that Jim Webb's bill was trying to address. We cannot fight the current war with the current army. If we are going to fight it, we need a a bigger army. Otherwise, we need to go home.

That is all.

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