Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Mandolin" is Being Quite Disingenuous

Over at Alas, a writer called "Mandolin" points out that "words are not weapons."

In this context, she is arguing against the metaphorical comparison of criticism to physical attacks. That is, when someone refers to a person criticizing their ideas as "attacking them."

In this case, she is specifically referring to people who disagree with feminism or "anti-racism" who get thin-skinned whenever someone calls them racist or sexist.

Fair enough.

But if she is really concerned about people blowing statements and words out of porportion, she should look in the mirror.

In a previous thread, there was a debate about whether or not anti-discrimination laws harmed people. Unless there were some nasty comments posted that were deleted (and if ther were, please someone tell me and I will revise this post), all of the responses by those who were against (or at least not entirely in favor of) anti-discrimination laws were polite, well-thought-out, and contained no derision or criticism of the groups in question.

And yet, Mandolin implies that anyone who doesn't think that the government should force people to rent to gay people or to employ them do not believe that gay people are human. Moreover, she and other posters call even the discussion of this "hateful."

"Hateful?" Debating whether or not landlords and business owners should have the right to determine who they hire, fire, or rent to is hateful?

And she is criticizing other people for being overly sensitive?

What a hypocrite!

(Oh, and by the way, don't comment on the first thread I mentioned. It has Alas's traditional "losers only" comment rules).

That is all.

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