Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dennis Prager is an Idiot

Bush cannot be blamed for the problems in Iraq, because they were unforeseeable, says Mr. Prager.

Apparently the idea that Iraqi would be willing to kill other Iraqis as part of the insurgency is too much for his widdle bwain to take in.

There are respectable arguments to be made against America's initially going into Iraq. But intellectually honest opponents of the war have to acknowledge that no one could anticipate an "insurgency" that included people leaving children in a car and then blowing them up.

No one could anticipate that civilians would be used to carry bombs to kill the enemy? Or that Iraqis who allied themselves with the occupying army would be killed as "collaborators?" Or that maybe a lot of the Iraqis don't see it as killing their own people when the people they ar killing are from a rival tribe or sect?

Give me a break, Dennis.

That is all.

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