Monday, November 06, 2006

I Agree with Penraker on Something!

Although I find him to be a bit of a hack on Iraq issues, Penraker certainly has some good points on the euthanasia issue.

I can't help but wonder what would happen if every time a liberal shows a pro-life person who speaks out against birth control and uses him as evidence that all pro-lifers are against birth control and that the movement is really about controlling women, what he would do if someone put out an article like this and suggested that the pro-choice movement was really about eliminating the inconvenient.

Certainly some feminists seem to have few qualms with a woman committing (post-natal) infanticide, although they express their upsetness at society that she was forced into it. In fact, her biggest objection is that it is a more inconvenient form of birth control than abortion:

I think it would be a hideous form of birth-control, because you would still have to go through the stress and danger of nine months of pregnancy.

Notice how she doesn't really care if the baby suffers or not. Or maybe it's not a baby, it's a post-gestational fetus.

That is all.

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